Why Winter is an Ideal Time to Sell!

Are you thinking about selling your home this winter? A common misconception among sellers is to wait until spring before listing their home. But did you know, that it is smart NOT to wait? That is because winter is one of the best times to jump-start your sale by putting your home on the market before spring and the added competition from other sellers. Here are a few advantages to selling your home in the winter months that I have learned throughout the years.



The majority of sellers will choose to wait until the spring or summer months to list their home. This could mean prime exposure for your home if there is less competition with fewer houses for buyers to choose from during the winter months. Listing your home during this time of year can give you a huge advantage with buyers. With fewer options, your home will certainly stand out to serious buyers who are ready to make an offer.





While some may believe that no one is buying this time of year, it is actually a great time to sell for those buyers who are trying to purchase before the end of the year. That is because this time of year brings the most serious and urgent buyers who are on a strict deadline. New employment and relocation are among the biggest contributing factors to such a deadline. A majority of employers tend to hire future employees with a start date in January. Many of these employees will be serious and ready to move quickly in order to get settled in before their start date.  With tax season around the corner, there are also many tax benefits that can affect buyers trying to finalize their purchase before the end of the year.



Not only will your home have less competition, but you and your buyers will most likely have a smoother transaction. As the high demand of buyers who purchased and moved into their homes before the holiday winds down, important parties to the transaction including appraisers, home inspectors, lenders, and even movers will typically be slower this time of year. This decreased demand will help give you and the buyer more of their time, offering you a seamless and easier transaction during a less hectic time of year.




We all know that this colder weather keeps us snuggled up inside while slowing down on outside activities. When temperatures dip below freezing, lunch with friends, shopping trips, and outside ventures get canceled. This can either lead to emotional eating or an ideal time to sell. You choose. That is because potential buyers are doing less outside activities and have more time on their hands to actively search and browse for potential homes.

Take advantage of this! That is why it is vital to properly market your home with professional photos and supreme marketing to wow your potential buyers. With less competition through lower inventory, your home is sure to stand out and capture the attention it needs. Take advantage of the cold temperatures outside by setting a warm and cozy scene for your next buyer. Be sure to put on the fireplace, light those delicious smelling candle warmers, and make your potential buyer feel right at home!


If you are interested in knowing what your home is worth or want to discuss my marketing plan to get your home sold quickly, give me a call at 704-340-1615.

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